decorators & consumers occasionally ask for individualised designs to suit their specifications and these collaborations have resulted in some unique pieces from an oval ottoman to a hide-clad kist; from a burberry-inspired stool to rugs with a stitch-&-layout combo not offered in the standard range

the bench-cushions without the frames work exceptionally well for built-in seating arrangements

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style no: BK / morocco bench

stitch: fusion '70s

hide: cowhide

colour: cream & camel

dimensions: 126cm X 46cm

height: 45cm

style no: BK / pillows

stitch: protea

hide: kid

colour: quartet

dimensions: 40cm X 40cm

set: of four

style no: BK / seat-kist

stitch: plain-panel

hide: splotch

colour: brown & white

dimensions: 133cm X 44cm

height: 50cm

style no: BK / chevron rug

stitch: diamond

hide: gris

colour: greys

dimensions: 250cm X 270cm

area: 8,50 M2

style no: BK / oval

stitch: maxi-wave

hide: splash

colour: tan & white

dimensions: 156cm X 73cm

height: 33cm

style no: BK / banquette

stitch: maxi-wave

hide: exotic

colour: brown with white

dimensions: 114cm X 42cm

height: 45cm

style no: BK / barcelona

stitch: fusion / '60s

hide: upholstery

colour: pale palette mix

dimensions: to fit frame

set: top & bottom cushion

style no: BK / oak table

stitch: mosaic

hide: upholstery

colour: black

dimensions: 90cm X 40cm

height: 32cm

style no: BK / footstool

stitch: weave

hide: metallic cowhide & leather

colour: silver & white

dimensions: 46cm X 46cm

height: 35cm

style no: BK / screen

stitch: micro-, mini- & maxi-wave

hide: upholstery leather & cork

colour: greens

panels: 185cm X 55cm

frame: white oak

style no: BK / floor-cushions

stitch: jumble

hide: saddle leather

colour: tan

dimensions: 45cm X 45cm X 10cm

set: of four

style no: BK / flight bags

stitch: mosaic

hide: leather

colour: various

dimensions: 50cm X 40cm X 15cm

details: fully lined with leather

style no: BK / steel stool

stitch: chav

hide: upholstery leather

colour: burberry quartet

dimensions: 40cm X 40cm

height: 44cm

style no: BK / decibel rug

stitch: brick

layout: strips

hide: mixed

colour: mixed

dimensions: 140cm X 220cm